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Misbehaving by Richard H. Thaler Offers Insight to The Creation of Behavioral Economics

As entrepreneurs, investors, and business people, our success is integral to our understanding of economics. Being at the forefront of economic research can offer advantages in our space, and warning of potential dangers. In fact, if we have a good enough foresight based in our economic education, we may turn a recession into a business opportunity. Behavioral economics looks into the aspects that shape our markets, and the decisions consumers make. Expanding our education makes all of us more capable, sharper, and more effective in our industries. Misbehaving by Richard H. Thaler is a must have for all those who wish to expand on their knowledge of the inner workings of our complex market system. Click the image below to get your copy today.

By Richard H. Thale



Is Your 9-5 Draining Your Life? As David Graeber Will Tell You, You Are Not Alone

Bull Shit Jobs written by David Graeber is an emotional roller coaster. As he introduced all the people he was able to interact with in the writing of this book, two themes emerge. One that there is general discontent among many workers in our complex inter web of corporate structures, and public sector bureaucracy. The second, and for us entrepreneurs the more terrifying realization, that a lot of people are paid decent money to do nothing within our organizations. This must have book serves as an expose on the life draining discontent employees feel when they are tasked with meaningless or limited tasks, and are left to their own devices to fill time at work. But more importantly as business minds, we get to read first hand accounts of the inefficiencies in our corporations. If your operation is having cash flow issues, or you wish to tighten expenses, Bull Shit Jobs will place you in the right mindset for making changes. Click on the image below to get your copy today.

Bull Shit Jobs
By David Graeber

Learn How to Build The Right Business with The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

MAI Investments is proud to present the first book in our Book of the Day series. Where we feature must have, thought provoking, and inspiring titles every budding entrepreneur must read.

Entrepreneurs everywhere know the feeling of accomplishment that comes with nurturing a new business to life. We also know that the journey is a hard one. Obstacles unforeseen seem to arise at every turn. How a business owner is prepared to meet these challenges can mean the difference between failing, and succeeding. Being prepared is crucial to success. Eric Ries gives his insight on the fast moving, ever changing environment of start ups in today’s tech driven world. The Lean Startup is a must have in your arsenal. A book deserving of multiple read through as you grow and encounter new challenges in your venture. Click the image to get your copy today.

The Lean Startup
By Eric Ries

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